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Company Name : Al Futtaim Group

Technical Architecture Manager | AFGRE | Dubai, UAE

Job Description


The role will focus on a variety of technical design tasks for the Development & Design department, including detailed architecture and engineering reviews, with advisory on design quality, functionality, engineering and systems, statutory considerations, constructability and completeness of deliverables, along with consultant and stakeholder management. The role will typically focus on one main project during the detailed design stages along with periodic support on other projects.



Lead Technical Design Process

  • Lead architecture management during detailed design stages and especially during construction, serving as a design custodian and technical advisor.
  • Lead reviews of projects for design priorities, including compliance with project objectives, hard and soft costs, efficiency, user experience, functionality, along with all technical requirements and compliance with the contractual requirements.
  • Complete comprehensive technical project reviews on design criteria and performance, engineering and systems coordination, constructability and delivery considerations, and statutory authority issues.
  • Provide detailed commentary on design deliverables, ensuring suitability of materials, completeness and coordination of package, and compliance with the contract requirements.
  • Assess the implications of design changes, including time, cost, quality and other considerations, and make recommendations accordingly.

Complete Technical Assessments

  • Support projects in the early design stages with specialty technical assessments related to infrastructure, engineering, and constructability.

Manage Design Process

  • Ensure project timeframes, design aspirations and documentation requirements are achieved with the appointed consultant(s) through regular meetings, workshops and other communication.
  • Ensure a clear and consistent communication protocol between internal and external stakeholders, with defined lines of communication and complete records of submissions, feedback and decisions.
  • Prepare summary presentations to executive Al-Futtaim stakeholders on various topics, as and when required.
  • Ensure all relevant internal stakeholders are involved throughout, including development management, asset management, marketing, cost management, interior design, MEP, civil and infrastructure, authorities, programme, and delivery.
  • In case of conflicting feedback, seek to resolve issues of concern in the best interest of the company, and endeavor to explain the rationale to the concerned parties.
  • Ensure all necessary statutory approvals are secured via the consultant and in direct coordination with the Al-Futtaim statutory authority liaison(s).

Ensure Execution of Project Schedule and Progress Reporting

  • Guide internal and/or external stakeholders according to a detailed project schedule, ensuring accountability for the major work streams, notable milestones, and statutory authority approval process.
  • Create project roadmaps highlighting the key milestones and tasks to guide the week to week progress of the project over a portion of the project lifecycle (ex. 90-day periods).
  • Prepare regular progress reports highlighting the status of the project, suitable for review by AFGRE’s executive leadership.

Support Contract and Commercial Management of Projects

  • Support the day-to-day contract and commercial management of projects, coordinating between the consultant(s) and Commercial department to ensure completeness of submissions, evaluation, approvals and recommendations on invoices, variations and related contractual issues.

Support the Procurement Strategy and Manage the Process

  • Support the procurement strategy for pre- and post-contract stages of the project, with general advisory on consultants, contractors and procurement models.
  • Support the preparations of relevant RFP documents, including detailed scopes of work, services, deliverables and time schedules.


This position is directly related to our overall business plan and our ability to manage critical design issues required by executive management. The roll-out programme for our projects is defined by our 5-year plan, which can be subject to change when our business plan is impacted by external factors and market forces beyond our immediate control.

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Cities and States latitudes and longitudes
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