Company Name :The Highfield Company

Operations Manager

  • Qatar

Job Description:
Ensure full compliance with all legislative Health & Safety and Environmental requirements.
Take ownership of the Hazardous Energy Control system within the power plant to ensure the highest standards are maintained in order that there are adequate numbers of authorised personnel and to safeguard working parties
Show visible HSE Leadership with regular Safety Tours
Maintain a culture of continuous improvement with respect to Health, Safety and the Environment and exploit any discovered improvement potential.
Proactively support the Chief Power Officer in determining and implementing improvements or in making changes.
Ensure the Chief Power Officer receives regular updates on issues which have an influence on decisions made relative to the Power Group and within other areas.
Keep Operations personnel regularly updated on issues which have or might have an influence on activities within their areas, and information that might be of common interest.
Coordinate Power Group Continuous Improvement initiatives with the improvement specialist to develop best practices and achieve quality system accreditation.
Take the leading role with respect to the Power Group’s overall training needs to support Continuous Improvement initiatives in conjunction with the Training Supervisor
Deputise for the Chief Power Officer whenever necessary, and for any other Manager within the power plant who is unavailable during crisis situations.
Carry out regular assessment and progress reviews of the identified risks as the ‘owner’ of an established risk register, ensuring correct assignment of priorities and associated resources.
Fully support the ongoing development of Qatari nationals in order that they are competent and capable to assume roles within the Power Group organisation.
Ensure that the power plant is operated in a manner that safeguards plant integrity and reliability, maximises asset lifetime and efficiency, and minimises cost.
Continually monitor the status of issues that affect risk to plant operations, identifying and prioritising the required actions, and driving forward the solutions.
Direct and monitor long-term planning and prioritisation of projects and outages on major or critical equipment, to maintain both the demanded high plant security and high availability
Encourage an active approach to monitoring plant parameters and long-term trends, putting in place procedures to ensure that all personnel understand the need for such a proactive approach.
Ensure that operation of the Power Plant is carried out in a disciplined and consistent manner based on Standard Operating Procedures that have been developed, reviewed & revised by the joint input of the operations department staff.
Co-ordinate the integration of daily maintenance activities, setting priorities on a daily basis and defining operational concerns for long term planning.
Monitor the activities of contractors that have an influence or may have an influence on running plant, providing guidelines for the Shift Charge Engineer to control these activities.
Develop a predictive modelling tool to ensure the most efficient operation of the plant accounting for environmental as well as financial considerations
Take-over as incident controller when major disruptions occur, to promptly, safely and securely normalise the situation.
Ensure that personnel are drilled, procedures reviewed and related support is available to ensure that readiness to respond to an operational crisis is maintained and kept in focus.
Regularly assess staff competencies and identify any required actions to be taken.
Ensure that the use of 3rd party agreements is within established boundaries to protect business interests whilst full advantage is derived from them.
Support the establishment and management of agreements or working arrangements with other parties who share common interests.
Prepare an annual budget in accordance with the established corporate framework and the guidance of the Power Group Manager.
Regularly monitor expenditure to ensure adherence to the established budget or acceptable justification of necessary departures from it.
Propose Key Performance Indicators, supporting targets and indices that reflect the objectives for the power plant.
Manage actions that relate to the accomplishment of the targets and track related indices.
Ensure that reporting within the power plant is made in a disciplined manner that regularly communicates and documents all pertinent information to facilitate informed decision making and traceability.
Submit all legitimately required reports to other departments in a timely manner.
In conjunction with the businesses QPS Department and the improvement specialist liaise with all Power Group departments and across the group boundaries to best ensure the continuous improvement of operational capabilities to reduce risk & improve efficiencies
Take ownership of the operational incident investigation process to ensure all root cause analyses are performed in a thorough manner and that resultant actions are closed out efficiently
Complete regular Skill Gap Analysis to predict shortfalls in training and competencies and ensuring sufficient redundancy in all skill areas
Actively encourage department staff to make their contribution to improvements, record these suggestions, and make use of them where applicable, providing feedback to the originators.

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of the work to be performed. This is not an exhaustive list of all duties and responsibilities. Management reserves the right to amend and change responsibilities to meet business and organizational needs as necessary.

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