Company Name : SOS HR Solutions

Dermatologist and Anti- Ageing Consultant

Job Description

To perform Cosmetology and Aesthetic treatments in a manner that conforms to protocol and policies established, with a focus on maximizing efficiency and providing the highest standards of patient care and safety.  

To Lead and promote a quality service using research and evidence-based practice to include the setting and monitoring of clinical standards.

Dermatologists’ duties and responsibilities include:

  • Perform cosmetology treatments and procedures such as Botox, Lip Fillers, Anti-Ageing, PRP (Experience in other treatments would be an asset)
  •  Must have experience and vast knowledge in Laser Hair Removal, Micro-Needling, HydraFacial, Face Lift, Skin-enhancing treatments, tightening to consult or perform when required
  • Assess patients’ skin ageing conditions, and ailments along with other skin-related health problems to determine the appropriate treatment
  •  Analyse the patient requests, determine, communicate and provide extensive, expert consultation and care (i.e. detailed information as to treatment specifics, possible side effects, aftercare instruction/maintenance, skin care regimen)
  •  Observe patient records and reactions to drugs, treatments, and significant incidents
  •  Deliver exceptional pre and post-treatment patient care and develop a lasting rapport with the patients
  •  Care for all dermatologic concerns, including medical, surgical and cosmetic
  •  Consult with patient and schedule the next appointment as required
  •  Ensure that the patient remain highly satisfied with treatments and clinic experience
  •  Ensure to train the assistant staff on a regular basis  
  •  Maintain a safe and sterilized working environment
  •  Protect patients by adhering to infection-control policies and protocols, medication administration and storage procedures, and controlled substance regulations.
  •  Maintain clean & sterilized instruments and treatment room
  •  Keep up to date with new aesthetic treatments, services, topics, and scientific studies
  • Work collaboratively with other staff to ensure smooth daily operation of the clinic and outstanding experience for all Patients
  •  Manage and monitor resources within a defined budget and contribute to the company agenda.
  •  Handle and support the resolution of complaints in a timely and responsive manner, including the provision of an escalation pathway when needed
  •  Ensure to maintain the quality and standards of the clinic
  •  Comply with the clinic’s policies, procedures and protocols
  •  Comply with Kuwait’s Ministry of Health laws and regulation
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