Company Name : VITAS Iraq (ATAS Lebanon)

Credit Coordinator – Iraq

Job Description

  • Assist Credit  Management in overseeing loan activities in all branch offices.
  • Help ensure the quality of the global portfolio is maintained.
  • Assist Loan Officers Supervisors in achieving loan and portfolio targets.
  • Follow up with and assist Loan Officer Supervisors on overdue loans.
  • Monitor un-disbursed loans, loan targets, portfolio quality for all branch offices.
  • Participate in  tailoring needed loan products.
  • Participate in Loan Officer and Loan Officer Supervisor recruitment and interviewing process.
  • Assist in training Loan Officers and Loan Officer Supervisors in all areas of technical and administrative work.
  • Follow up and monitor Loan Officer Supervisors to ensure that they are following policies and procedures.
  • Review reports related to branch portfolio and Loan Officer activities.
  • Work with Loan Officer Supervisors to determine which cases need legal follow up.
  • Participate in the Loan Review Committee.
  • Report to management weekly activities.
  • Suggest penalty exemptions for the branch offices they’re responsible for.
  • Perform any other duty requested by supervisor.
  • Understand, know and follow CHF VITAS policies and procedures.
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