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Company Name : Saudi Railway Company (SAR)

Systems/Cloud Administration Senior Specialist

Job Description

  • Liaises with key stakeholders from the IT Infrastructure & Operations Department to assess the infrastructure requirements for cloud services operations and provides requisite inputs during development of infrastructure.
  • Designs and manages the operation of all services running in a cloud environment to ensure smooth execution of business operations.
  • Manages and ensures smooth cloud computing operations through IaaS model (Infrastructure as a service).
  • Ensures provision of relevant cloud resources such as firewalls, load balancers, VLANs (virtual local area networks) etc. for efficient use of cloud computing in running business operations.
  • Manages network operations, incident management, problem management, configuration management and change management processes for all cloud services.
  • Provides inputs on development of security policies and development of ITSM procedures for cloud services and ensures the implementation of the same.
  • Works closely with key stakeholders from the Shared Services Division manage all access levels and ensure all system access controls are closely monitored to prevent any unauthorized access to cloud or colocation hosting services.

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