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School Bus Assistant

Job Description

Their duties may vary depending on the employer but generally include directing passengers on and off a bus, supervising conduct while a bus is in motion, operating wheelchair lifts and assisting with other special needs, and evacuating riders in case of an emergency.

Knowledge of bus safety procedures, dependability, strong communication skills, patience, ability to remain calm and professional under pressure, attention to detail; school bus attendants should enjoy working with children.

Major Responsibilities and Duties:

Student Management

1. Lift and carry students with disabilities on and off the bus according to their individual needs.

2. Supervise students as they board and leave bus and cross street.

3. Take children into building and help them find their way.

4. Learn and adapt to each student’s special medical, physical, communicative, and emotional needs.

5. Manage student behavior and report student discipline problems to appropriate administrator.

6. Communicate with teachers and parents on a daily basis regarding student behavior while on bus. Routes and Schedules.

7. Become familiar with all routes to and from school campus to be of assistance to driver.

8. Maintain an updated route schedule. Bus Attendant Job Description Safety.

9. Supervise use of seat belts, harnesses, or car seats by students.

10. Follow emergency procedures and help driver administer first aid, if necessary.

11. Operate equipment according to established safety procedures.

12. Follow established procedures and techniques to perform job duties including lifting, assisting students, etc. Other.

13. Become familiar with and follow procedures established by transportation and special education offices.

14. Help driver keep bus clean.

15. Work irregular hours as needed.

16. Other duties as assigned.


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