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Sales Agent

  • Sales/Retail
  • Egypt

Job Description :

Selling the company’s medications to doctors, and other relevant healthcare professionals.Scheduling appointments with doctors, , and other healthcare professionals to promote company medications.Developing an in-depth understanding of company medications.Building and maintaining good business relationships with customers to encourage repeat purchases.Following up on leads generated by the company.Preparing presentations for potential customers.Researching competitor’s medications and their respective market performances.Keeping abreast of new developments in the medical field to determine the effect of such developments on the company’s business strategies

Job Requirements :

Basic technical know-how to operate under supervision in this skill areaIntermediate technical know-how to operate independently in this skill area. Advanced technical know-how to analyze complex problems and to develop innovative solutions in this skill areaExpert technical know-how to serve as a key resource on technical problems and solutions related to organizational strategy.

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