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Company Name : Al-Sayer Group

Marketing Executive

Job Description

 Job Summary/Purpose:

Solicit market Information by monitoring the competitor activities periodically in order to measure their impact and influence on our products/services for management to adapt and plan effectiveness Lexus – Marketing strategies.

  • Operational: 
  1. Check the local newspapers, magazines and websites daily to search for new competitor’s promotion, latest cars news and new technologies.
  2. Call the competitor’s agencies to obtain required information.
  3. Visit the competitor’s showrooms for collecting information about new cars models.
  4. Audit and approve the specifications on Lexus advertisement.
  5.  Prepare the competitors activities report that include New offer, new car introduced, variance, comparison and full details about competitors.
  6. Prepare the weekly competitors promotional activity reports.
  7. Update the competitor’s specifications, Prices and history file.
  8. Prepare the new specs sheet for new models of Toyota.
  9. Coordinate with other marketing teams for the required information they need such as social media inquiries, website content, new brochure review and new ads review.
  10. Prepare the SWOT analysis for competitors.
  11. Collect information about after sales service prices and packages such as Warranty, Free service, Service packages prices, locations of showrooms and facilities.
  12. Assist in conducting comparative analysis on accessories business and filling up studies and questionnaires. 
  13. Prepare the model evaluation and customer perception study for new models of Toyota.
  14. Review and complete the required questionnaires requested by TMC and group sales.
  15. Participate in outdoor displays for Toyota launches and other corporate events.
  16. Attend to the Cross Training tasks within the specification division as a part of on-the-job training. 

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