Company Name : Firnas Shuman

Logistics Coordinator

Job Description

About Us

Firnas Shuman is a renewable energy consulting and technical services firm. We provide our services around the world with the focus on Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Each request that comes to us from clients is unique and the success of turning these requests into awarded projects depends on the quality of proposals that we submit. 

About the Position

Logistics coordinators oversee the transition of goods from one location to another efficient and cost-effective distribution of goods, and manage transportation details.

Job Objective

Ensure the smooth operations of a variety of channels aiming for maximum efficiency.

Key Functions

  • Overseeing all logistics operations.
  • Organizing and customs, importation, storage, transportation.
  • Analyzing and optimizing logistical procedures.
  • Ensuring the safe and timely pick-up and delivery of shipments.
  • Monitoring shipments, costs, timelines, and productivity.
  • Addressing and resolving shipment and inventory issues.
  • Liaising and negotiating with suppliers and retailers.
  • Corresponding with clients and partners
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