Company Name : Nejoud

Wholesale Manager

Job Description

  • Developing new business relationships and maintaining existing ones with suppliers to ensure adequate supply of products.
  • Researching new product lines and developing new business opportunities for the company.
  • Negotiating contracts with vendors to ensure that terms are fair for both parties.
  • Monitoring inventory levels to ensure that products are available when needed.
  • Ensuring that products are stored properly to eliminate spoilage or damage.
  • Preparing bids and proposals for potential clients and customers.
  • Preparing budgets, cash flow forecasts, and other financial reports for management review.
  • Reviewing sales reports on a regular basis to identify opportunities for inventory turnover or markdowns.
  • Setting up computerized inventory tracking systems to monitor product sales and inventory levels.
  • Developing and implementing marketing strategies to promote products and increase sales volume.

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