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Company Name : Action Against Hunger - Action Contre La Faim (ACF)

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Program Manager

Job Description

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Program Manager

Action Against Hunger is an international non-governmental organization working in more than 40 countries in the fields of nutrition, food security and livelihoods, water sanitation and hygiene, and care practices. ACF is looking for its program in Jordan for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Program Manager

Work place:  Azraq Camp / Jordan


To provide support in the development, planning, implementation and monitoring of high quality and comprehensive WaSH projects/ activities in conformity with overarching strategy and the standards set internationally, by Action Against Hunger and by national policies.


1) Contribute to deliberations on strategy and the positioning of the WASH Department

  • Ongoing, and systematic analysis of the humanitarian situation, and the context of WaSH interventions and internally report the analysis to the Field Coordinator and the WaSH Head of Department. 
  • Contributing to shaping the WaSH sectoral strategy in the organization
  • Setting up projects consistent with the Action Against Hunger’s Charter, the ACFIN 2020 to 2025 strategic framework, the policies of WASH and other Action Against Hunger’s sectors, Jordan Response Plan, national strategic and other legal texts produced by ministers responsible for the WASH sector, and key international documents in the sector (Standards SPHERE and WHO, etc.)
  • Ensuring that teams have a clear understanding of these documents and they take the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) at different stage of project implementation. 
  • Participating, as and when necessary, in the development of the WASH emergency response plan in his/her area of activity and the mitigation measures to reach the beneficiaries should any crisis/ obstacles happened ;
  • Promoting transversal, and gender-sensitive integration of the WASH sector with other sectors, in collaboration with the Field Coordinator and WaSH Head of Department ;
  • Taking cognizance of transversal problems associated with WaSH initiatives (water borne disease, global diseases (i.e.: COVID19), Gender issues, Disaster Management, Environmental Impact, climate sensitive techniques, and People with Disabilities (PWD), etc.)

2) Identify needs and contribute to project elaboration

  • Gathering and analyzing the data and information of the humanitarian, emergency and development needs on the area of intervention and feed the future program designing.
  • In consultation with the field coordinator and the WaSH Head of Department, organizing an taking part of the needs assessment meeting with the local authorities, governmental and different stakeholders.
  • Participation in defining WASH interventions in early stage of the project design, determining the program’s activities cost, identifying the target population and potential local actors, and contribution to draft the logical Framework.

3)Set up, implement and report on WaSH projects

  • Setting up of the WaSH program(s) taking into account the logical framework of the program(s), the budget, means of verification, the logistical and administrative processes of Action Against hunger, and donor’s requirements.
  • The quality of the programs established in conformity with the technical and project management standards of ACF
  • Familiarizing him/herself thoroughly with his/her projects; the issues involved, the logical framework and indicators , retaining printed copies of all funding agency contractual documents , sharing all such information with his/her teams
  • Identifying the technical, contextual, financial and time constraints associated with the implementation of the projects
  • Proposing innovative technical solutions in response to such constraints
  • The implementation of technical recommendations concerning his/her project (Head of Department, Technical Advisor at Headquarters, Experts, Evaluators …)
  • Supervising his/her programs, by means of internal APR monitoring tools, regular presence in the field, maintenance of a timeline, monthly review of the budget
  • Maintaining the profile of both the funding agency and Action Against Hunger on the project sites
  • Preparing in time to meet deadlines the WASH components of external and internal reports relating to his/her projects
  • Identifying and implementing safety measures for both the teams and the wider population (building sites, community based sites …)

4) Contribute to the quality, accountability and impact measurement process of his/her programme.

  • Promoting and taking part in the evaluation of the project’s impact of under his/her responsibility (external and internal project evaluation)
  • Promoting and contributing to lessons learnt exercise and sharing experience of good practices with relevant departments.
  • Ensuring that the Complaints and Feedback Mechanism (CFM) is professionally applied and followed for ethical and transparency reasons, particularly in respect of the beneficiary populations
  • Ensuring to have / conduct all needed measure/means of verifications to report aginst different project indicators. This includes conducting, when needed, Baseline and endline KAP surveys and collecting all needed supportive documents. Ensuring that all project’s means of verification are collected, organized and uploaded on the NHF (No hunger forum)

5) Participate in the coordination, representation and partnerships of Action Against Hunger in his/her area of intervention

  • The  Coordination of activities with other sectors and departments of Action Against Hnger in order to ensure rational use of resources and optimum integration
  • Participation in visits by funding bodies whenever requested by the Country Director or the Field Coordinator
  • Representing Action Against Hunger and ensuring coordination with partners, the authorities, agencies of the United Nations and NGOs in his/her sector, in collaboration with the Field Coordinator
  • Contributing to the process of selecting partners, formalizing partnerships and enhancing their capabilities (Local NGOs, international NGOs, national authorities, private agencies etc…)
  • Reinforcing the WaSH capabilities of partners
  • Lead at the local level, the coordination of consortium activities with the Yarmouk Water Company and our partner NRC, and where needed the MOWI; including to ensure smooth collaboration with YWC on the identification of households for the sanitation component (for subsidized connections by YWC), and the monitoring component of the YWC project.
  • Ensure regular operational consortium meetings are held locally with our partners
  • Work in close collaboration with the WASH HOD and his/her deputy on the national coordination with donors and external parties; as well as with the grants coordinator on the reporting of the grant as a whole (for which ACF is the overall lead) and to ensure timely liaison with the donor. 

6) Supervise and manage the team

  • Determining the HR structure need to perform the project’s under his/her responsibility in terms of qualifications, capacity ..etc.
  • Motivating, monitoring and Leading by examples the team under his/her responsibility.
  • Evaluating the team member’s performance, determining the areas of development and defining the needed actions for building their capacity

7) Contributing to capitalization and technical development in his/her sector

  • Capitalization of program-related data and documentation of the innovations achieved
  • Dissemination of the technical and operational expertise acquired in the course of the program
  • Contributing to the upward transmission of data from the ground the better to inform Action Against Hunger communications

8) Azraq Camp Base Management – On behalf of the Field Coordinator, Azraq Camp WASH Programme Manager will be in charge of:

  • Representing the organization in all camp coordination meetings.
  • Acting as the organization’s main safety and security focal point in Azraq Camp, liaising closely with the Access and Liaison Manager in case of any security alerts or incidents.
  • In collaboration with the Access and Liaison Manager, ensuring strict compliance with all safety and security SoPs.
  • Ensuring base staff compliance with the organization’s code of conduct, leveraging support from HR for code of conduct training when required.
  • In collaboration with the respective line managers, ensuring smooth support provision from MEAL and support (HR, finance, logistics) staff at the base and coordination levels.
  • Reviewing and signing all access permit requests (Drafted by LOG or Liaison).
  • Ensure smooth functioning of office management activities in the camp.
  • Monitoring the implementation of IBVs recruitment SoPs.
  • Ensuring compliance to camp management requirements of approvals.

9) Ensure adherence to Action against Hunger gender requirements

  • Commit and comply with the organization gender, age and diversity principles & policies (working with people, communication)
  • Lead on the promotion of gender, age and diversity principles through daily activities and or through the management of their teams and through the planning and implementation of operations and strategies (Managing performance & development)
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