Company Name : Starlink ME

Warehouse Coordinator

Job Description

Purpose of Role:

The purpose of Warehouse Coordinator is to ensure accuracy of the stocks in the warehouse, shops have appropriate stock level, customers / individuals receives their orders on time and shipments are acknowledge and stored properly.

Accountability & Responsibilities of Role:

  • Receive and check-in inventory purchases, deliveries and stock movements.
  • Perform visual validation of received stocks to description and package details from original purchase order.
  • Input product description information in current inventory systems.
  • Pack and label completed orders for ‘shipment’ or ‘pick-up’.
  • Maintain, update and follow-up on problem orders.
  • Understand the flow of inventory between locations. Maintain a record of all transfers and clearance.
  • Assist with daily loading and unloading of shipments and deliveries.
  • Warehouse maintenance – observe cleanliness inside and outside the facilities.
  • Conduct physical inventory and routine cycle counts (daily, weekly, and monthly).
  • Support all point of sales achieving their target thru fulfilment of deliveries on a timely manner.
  • Maintain a positive attitude towards works to ensure good relationships with the relevant departments / individuals.
  • The role holder works within the business budget framework and has a minimum level of influence in terms of profitability and cost.
  • Ensure the shops receive an appropriate stock level and receive a regular stock replenishment on a timely manner.
  • Report any issues that could affect the day-to-day operation.
  • Work closely with the warehouse supervisor and ensure stocks are delivered on time across to all point of sales.
  • Continuous support to relevant departments / sections to achieve their target by providing them proper stock level, accurate stocks allocation and quick response on their orders.
  • Continuous high-quality work performance by following the standard working procedures.
  • Ensuring KPI’s are met
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