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Company Name : Bupa Arabia

Tamheer – Hospital Delegate Services

Job Description

Role Purpose:

Is responsible for answering customer inquiries face to face, over the phone and e-mail, ensuring that all calls and member requests are processed as per the company standards and provide a competent, courteous, efficient and proactive point of contact for customers and hospital staff. Follow up as needed on all inquiries to ensure resolution satisfies customer, hospital and company expectations.


Key Accountabilities:

1. High level of customer service and professionalism

  • Follow customer service procedures as outlined in the manual to comply with the department’s procedures and standards
  • Follow up on all customer requests such as but not limited to admission, medication, lab, radiology, etc.
  • Maintain a thorough knowledge of all departments, our company network of hospitals, products and services so that customers are provided accurate information on it’s provider and proceed general queries with confidence at all times
  • Deal competently with customer complaints and take all possible actions to resolve the issues to their fullest satisfaction with minimal intervention of team leaders.


2. Team Support

  • Work effectively both individually and as part of a team to achieve both individual and department goals and objectives
  • Strive consistently to promote a positive team spirit
  • Contribute to the team positively


3. Providers’ compliance

  • Ensure that the hospital is compliant with the agreed upon standards of service with our company and that they always deliver such standards to the members.
  • Ensure that the hospital is utilizing the swipe card and fingerprint machines in addition to the website and any of the technical services linked to our company.
  • Play a support role for the hospital staff and enable coaching and training on BUPA services to the hospital staff


4. Complaints management

  • Solve the customer complaints without the need of further escalations
  • Ensure the proper follow up of the recovery plan
  • Ensure that the complaints are entered into the complaints system tracker so as to take preventive actions


 5. Relationship building

  • To establish excellent relationships with the providers insurance directors
  • To conduct regular visits to the frontliners at the point of service & to listen to their concerns and feedback
  • To co-ordinate with provider relation on a recognition mechanism for the providers
  • To ensure that the image of the providers in front of the customers is strengthened giving further boost to the partnership framework


6. Professional appearance and commitment

  • To ensure the office, customer area and their personal appearance is at the highest level of cleanliness, order and professional look.
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