Company Name : Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Spa Manager

  • India

Job Description

Role and Responsibilities:

  • To ability to manage and oversee all the Spa area (Spa, Gym, Changing Room, Retail, Guest Activities, libirary & Lounge, support services).

  • The ability to arrange the training of the Spa to standards.  Also assist the Training Manager in the training of all Spa Department Staff.

  • The ability to maintain operating criteria/spa concepts and be responsible for the coordination and scheduling of all Spa related services in relation to assistance with policies, philosophy and objectives for the Spa.

  • The ability to interview and select job applicants as well as supervise, discipline and give performance evaluations for pool employees.

  • The ability to schedule staff and complete payroll records in accordance with budgeted guidelines.

  • The ability to work closely with Engineering to maintain proper water quality and mechanical operation of the swimming and whirl pools.

  • The ability to be responsible for the administration of goods, requisitions, inventories, storage and cost effective usage of all department related materials and assets, according to standards to ensure for smooth operation.

  • The ability to coordinate personal training with outside contractors and employees and to guarantee a high level of service and adequate availability.

  • The ability to maintain the Poolside as a safe environment and in accordance with all health department regulations.

  • The ability to oversee the cleanliness of the fitness area, pool deck, and patio terrace and coordinate special requirements with Housekeeping, Laundry, Stewarding and Engineering.

  • The ability to respond properly in any hotel emergency or safety situation.

  • The ability to effectively integrate the Spa with the Hotel operations wherever possible and in accordance to the direction of Spa trends.

  • The ability to interact with guest, providing full knowledge and assistance for maximum guest usage in a  friendly but unobtrusive manner with all guests.

  • The ability to utilize all computer systems relevant to the departments.

  • The ability to participate in regular staff meetings to keep employees informed of hotel policies and changes as well as ways to increase sales and service.

  • The ability to maintain a log (Lotus Notes) with important information to be passed onto management.

  • The ability to ensure all equipment is kept in perfect working condition and reports any deficiencies to the proper department.

  • The ability to issue recommendations regarding the annual operating budget, capital investment budget, operating planning and further periodic evaluations of financial performance, including reports on sales and operations with supporting statistical data.

  • The ability to anticipate, in advance, all materials and supplies and assure their availability

  • The ability to communicate with other departments to ensure a supporting team of professionals

  • The ability to be certified in CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation).

  • The ability to be cross-trained in all functions of the spa where appropriate.        

  • The ability to perform other tasks or projects as assigned by hotel management and staff.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Reading, writing and oral proficiency in the English language.

  • Previous supervisory or management experience required.

  • College degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management preferred.

Thorough knowledge of service, cost control, labor controls, menu writing, maintenance, merchandising and accounting

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