Company Name : Juniper Networks

Software Engineer Staff – OS Kernel

  • India

Job Description


  • Design, develop, unit test and support cutting edge Kernel features for Juniper routers.
  • Contribute to new product development and kernel infrastructure as part of the Junos kernel team.
  • In-depth analysis and fixing of Kernel/networking problems reported by customers and system test.
  • Design, code and analyze complex issues and arrive at solutions keeping in mind the various tradeoffs (memory, time, maintainability etc.) required in a implementing a complex system.
  • A passion for developing and improving control plane software for networking products is a must!


  • Expertise in UNIX/Linux kernel internals and general networking.
  • Should have worked previously in IP networking or telecom field and be a Subject Matter Expert in at least one of the related subsystems.
  • A thorough knowledge of networking concepts in IP/ Multicast/ VPLS/Tunnels
  • Strong C, system understanding and debugging skills are required. Very proficient in writing good code and understanding intricacies working on scalable Router / Switch.
  • Experience debugging complex issues in complex systems including but not limited to scaling and performance issues, packet loss, memory leaks and memory corruption and kernel panics.
  • Experience using various debugging tools (as well as writing own) for the above.
  • Candidate must possess good oral and written communication skills, be highly self-motivated and collaborate as and when required.
  • Should be capable of working on multiple issues by prioritizing activities on a daily basis to achieve various milestones.
  • BE/Btech or ME/Mtech. 8+ years of relevant experience.


As a company, Juniper’s mission is to connect everything and empower everyone. As an employer, we strive to help people forge meaningful connections that advance their careers, elicit recognition, and engage the greater community in ways that make a real difference in people’s lives.

  • 7 out of 8 of the world’s largest stock exchanges run on JUNIPER
  • 86 % of all mobile traffic runs across JUNIPER Routers, Switches and Firewalls
  • Top 130 Services providers in the world run JUNIPER
  • Fortune 100 companies rely on JUNIPER

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