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Company Name : Acuative ME

SOC Manager

Job Description

SOC manager is responsible for the SOC team, direct SOC operations and forsyncing between internal and external stakholders and engineers; hiring; training; and creating and executing a solid operations strategy. additionally, own, direct and orchestrate the Managed service response to major incidents

Provide technical guidance and manage activities in the following ways:

  • Ensures system security needs are established and maintained
  • Define services, procedures, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and assurance for the Security Center of Excellence
  • Guidance Using your widespread and deep functional knowledge of cyber security and related areas 
  • Management create appropriate reports which represent the actual status of security levels and maturity of operations activities across Operations
  • Supervise the Integration of new security architectural features into existing infrastructures
  • Oversees hiring, training and evaluating SOC staff
  • Creates processes
  • Develops with multi party a crisis communication plans
  • Measures SOC performance metrics
  • Reports on security operations to executive management

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