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Company Name : Acuative ME

SOC Analyst Level 2

Job Description

Willingness to work shifts (including unsociable hours and bank holidays where these fall into your shift pattern) as part of a 24×7 team

Provide proactive defence of STC’s digital and technology solutions against cyber security threats.

Work closely with departments across the organisation to ensure threats and vulnerabilities are remediated effectively. Communicating your findings to stakeholders in a clear and actionable fashion, focussing on real-world impact and with pragmatic options for resolution.

Monitor a range of security systems, resolving and documenting findings accurately.

Extensive technical experience in a Security Operations Centre or supporting an Incident Response Team

Experience in Network Management and Monitoring Tools and Utilities, Enterprise Network Security / Security Perimeters, TCP/IP protocol analysis, packet capture devices, syslog, netflow, application performance Management, Cyber threat analysis and mitigation’s

Very strong technical skills using a variety of COTS security tools (i.e. argus, wireshark, tcpdump, snort, helix, etc)

Experience programming in multiple languages (ie. writing analysis or response tools, automating repetitive processes, etc)

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