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Company Name : Confidential Company Ras Al Khair

Senior Mining Engineer

Job Description

  • Carries out all designs of optimum pits to ensure extraction of ore with minimum operation cost and strip ratio.
  • Maximize revenue, minimize the cost safely and productively
  • Prepares bench plans and ore haulage using SURPAC and AutoCAD software.
  • Perform yearly, monthly and weekly mine planning and reconciliation
  • Prepares daily, monthly and yearly production schedules with close liaisons with geology and plant departments to supply reliable and practical production plans.
  • Perform yearly, monthly and weekly production schedules
  • Develops yearly production schedule and operation requirements for budget estimates.
  • Quantities ,Operation cost, Cash flow, revenue for 3 or 5  years to the business plan needs
  • Carries out detailed cost analysis for all mining activities correlated with similar international mining operation to provide the mine management with all required measurements to minimize the operation costs.
  • -High level life of mine plan
  • – Minimize the operation costs
  • Conducts regular and routine statistical and economic analysis concerning production and operations, which reflect the actual performance of the mine.
  • Analyse mining operation performance against plans and budget
  • Supervises the daily performance of the mine contractor to ensure safety operation and required ore production.
  • Achieve best practice integrated mine planning
  • Calculates and prepares the contractor payment according to the company financial requirements.
  • Meet budget req.
  • Analysis and maintains an accurate database of mineral distribution on bench basis to direct operation to provide the crusher with required grade and tonnage.
  • Increase the mine reserves via the resource/reserve process
  • Reviews and discusses the available geological and technical data to update the pit designs.
  • Slope, wall height, ramp incline etc.
  • Prepares required spreadsheets with mine data and statistics and cost information using the SURPAC design and evaluation software.
  • Updating mine cut-off grades in order to maximize total reserve value.
  • Carries out pit designs and economic analysis to the satellite prospects with the available data to outline their potentiality.
  • Monthly, Yearly
  • Supervises the implementation of the company safety and environmental rule and policies by the mine and the urine contractor employees to ensure overall safe operation.
  • Meet EHS equipments
  • Prepares and participates in the training of Saudi nationals assigned to his department.
  • At least 1 Engineer to be trained

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