Company Name : Confidential Company Doha

Senior Corporate Trainer

Job Description

Works collaboratively as a Corporate Trainer to support company-wide learning programs and initiatives, including designing and delivering mandatory learning and corporate soft skills programs. He will work collaboratively to design, develop, deliver, assess, evaluate and continuously improve Organizational Learning programs using the data gained from personal performance development plans and learning needs analysis. He will develop the annual learning catalogue and ensure programs are consistent with the department’s professional standards of practice. Additionally, he will report on attendance and monitor evaluation and transferability of knowledge to the workplace.

  • Develops learning curriculum for soft skills/corporate programs using set department templates that are aligned with international best practice e.g. principles of adult learning, VAKS learning styles theory etc.
  • Delivers the Corporate orientation program and other business required courses professionally; in line with the approved session plan and in a learner-focused and engaging manner.
  • Assesses training needs through surveys, interviews with employees, or consultations with managers or instructors.
  • Designs an appropriate formative assessment methodology for corporate/soft skills programs to determine comprehension of the course curriculum.
  • Ensures that all corporate learning material (developed internally/externally) has been quality assured and approved by the Director – Talent Management prior to a session being delivered.
  • Monitors and evaluates training programs to ensure that they are current and effective.
  • Obtains, organizes and develops training procedure manuals, guides, or course materials, such as handouts or visual materials.
  • Handle all individual training requests in terms of sourcing, monitoring, tracking and evaluating.
  • Develops all relevant departmental policies, procedure, manuals and continuously build governance awareness.
  • Prepares all training equipment such as PowerPoint presentations, Learner Guides, registration forms, handouts, items for activities prior to delivering a corporate soft skills or system technology session.
  • Monitor the relationship with any external training providers to ensure compliance with our requirements e.g. submission of training event reports.
  • Monitors and evaluates efficacy and efficiency of Individual Development Plans (IDPs) and initiates modifications when necessary in consultation with line managers.
  • Collaborates with Line Managers for the development of Graduates.
  • Establishes a mentoring/coaching system for Graduates; provides guidelines for the selected mentors and assists them in their role.
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