Senior Accountant

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Job Description

As the Senior Accountant, you will be the foundation of our finance department, tasked with doing & overseeing all accounting activities—from transaction entries to controls and reviews. Your role will be instrumental in maintaining financial health, ensuring accuracy, and enforcing compliance. Given our size and financial landscape, your expertise will not only guide our financial strategy but also support our goal of achieving terrific growth

Key Responsibilities-

– Manage all aspects of accounting operations, including but not limited to ledger management, receivables, payables, and payroll.

– Ensure the timely and accurate booking & execution of financial transactions and reporting in compliance with IFRS and applicable laws and regulations.

– Sole responsible for TB integrity and solving out the business operational issues

– Comply with local tax laws and ensure all submissions are accurately & timely done

– Develop and maintain internal controls and policies to ensure the integrity of all financial transactions and reporting.

– Review financial data regularly to identify trends, forecast future needs, and advise on financial decisions.

– Coordinate and prepare for audits by external auditors.

– Liaise with external parties, such as banks, to maintain and refresh existing banking relationships.

– Optimize financial processes and systems for greater efficiency and accuracy.

– Prepare and present financial reports to management and stakeholders, offering insights and recommendations.


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