Sales Team Leader

  • Operations/Management
  • Egypt

Job Description :

The Sales Team Leader is responsible for achieving the sales team’s target of the teamProviding guidance and coaching to the sales teamProducing periodical sales reports. Providing periodical marketing study report.Opening corporate deals all over the provinces. (Attractive salary and commission schemes)

Job Requirements :

Should have a solid experience as a sales tram leader in training and educational institutes.Must have proven experiences in:Leadership skillsCoaching skillsVerbal and writing communicationReports writing skillsBusiness ethicsDealing with any type of CRMSelling and negotiation’s skillsHe/She must be fluent in English language.Can deal with various types of characters.Showing dedication and commitment to Work in all times especially tough ones.Is able to travel inside and outside the countryCan train, motivate and reward the sales team for better results

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