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Company Name : Raya Holding for Financial Investments

Sales Manager

Job Description

  • Lead the initial/startup direct sales effort with special attention to the first few customers/supplier
  • Close and deliver the pilot-phase sales at both ends of the product (Customer and Supplier)
  • Build and scale a fit-for-purpose sales team in response to product traction and growth plans

  • Lead the sales efforts to acquire and onboard fleet-managers (our customer): Onboard fleet operators to deliver target of number of vehicles, Optimize plans and delivery to onboard high-volume consumption vehicles (eg, heavy trucks), Sign contract with fleet manager, Follow with bank transfers & invoices, Coding fleet manager onto our fuel payment system, Card issuance request and delivery confirmation, Track the consumption and identify tactics to improve. 

  • Lead the sales efforts to onboard fuel-outlets (supplier) onto our platform and deploy our POS at targeted gas station(s): Sign contract with the owner, Receive insurance amount per POS, Follow the coding of POS on our fuel payments platform system, Activation of POS, Demo transaction, Follow up with the account, Provides spare POS in case of maintenance issue
  • Study the market and prepare pricing comparison
  • Carry out weekly/monthly sales and credit reports for the customers
  • Participate in the promotion and advertising campaigns
  • Close follow up on payment terms
  • Managing the image and standard of quality service introduced
  • Monitor all the competitors activities
  • Maintain the close relation with the customer
  • Renewal of the contracts
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