Company Name : Parisima Talent

Safety Office with our client.

Job Description

Shift: Night shifts

Working Hours: 12 hour (6 pm to 6 am) + 1 hour break = total 13 hours

Job responsibilities:

• Identify and assess hazards, risks and control measures for a specific operation or process.

• Conduct ongoing review of operations and processes to identify potential hazards, risks and control measures that should be implemented to reduce these risks, including all costs involved in implementing such measures.

• Assess and document hazards, risks and controls in a manner consistent with established procedures and practices.

• Set up and supervising temporary work areas.

• Supervise the safe handling, storage & disposal of hazardous materials.

• Supervise the operation of any potential hazards in the workplace.

• Improve workplace safety and employee productivity by transitioning from manual safety procedures to digital safety management systems.

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