Company Name : Arabian International Company for Steel Structures (AIC)

Rigger III

Job Description

  1. Responsible to communicate with crane operator by giving signals and indicate the crane operator to lower the chain to fix plate and steel material to shift material from one location to another at site.
  2. Receive instructions through the foreman to shift plates and other heavy metal material parts .Check the size of the plate and do marking at the center of the plate to attach the chain and balance the material.
  3. Stack the material segregate the parts, plates on the basis of size, grade as per instructions by Site Supervisor
  4. Check & inspect the lifting tackles are in good condition prior to lifting of material.
  5. Ensure the load to be lifted is within the capacity of the crane to prevent damage to crane.
  6. Follow and take all safety precautionary measures by wearing safety shoes and helmets during material shifting process.
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