Company Name : Al Futtaim Group

Retail Supply Integration Leader

Job Description

National_Retail Supply Integration Leader | Retail | IKEA

Overview of the role

Create and constantly improve excellent availability ,range management and forecasting at the lowest possible cost

Synchronise with commercial needs and activities for the best possible goods availability at the lowest total cost. Work with Sales and Supply Support Manager to support the commercial team and work as a communication link between the store and the country Retail Supply Integration department.


What you will do


  • Contribute to the fulfilment of the customer promises created by the Communication & Selling process by actively working to secure and maintain the availability of goods through the minimisation of non-central shortages and the monitoring of central shortages.
  • Support Sales & Supply Support manager in creating awareness in the commercial team on availability issues and thereby enabling their action to minimise the impact on our customers.
  • Actively support sales with the range management, in-line with country range decisions and take responsibility for a qualitative and timely administration of the range in the system.
  • Highlight deviations between the range frame connected to the store range classification, Country range agreement and the actual range (size) to sales. Creating an understanding of the impact of availability for our customers of working outside the range frame.
  • Work with manager to highlight deviations between the actual store range in relation to the sales to range to space and create awareness in the commercial team of the operational and availability consequences of exceeding the recommended range size.
  • Support the execution of the phasing out and in process, led by the commercial team, by providing information regarding missing order and sales space parameters, expected sales start quantity and remaining outgoing quantities, as well as supplying availability information.
  • Responsible for the timely registration of the needed order and forecast parameters in the system, to secure the agreed service level 365 days per year in line with the agreed goal. 
  • I work with my manager to support the commercial team and commercial activity leader with the planning and implementation of sales plans (e.g. Activities). Focus on parameter setting, ordering & availability checks and act as a coach to secure the proper use of order methods to secure availability
  • Together with Sales & Supply Support manager, be point of contact in the store for all range administration and operational supply related questions for our shopkeepers and other functions.
  • Analyse and steer the ordering process, to avoid shortage and overstock situations.
  • Support the goods flow manager with an analysis of stock discrepancies as part of the inventory management procedures. Secure the highest possible quality in store stock information and identify weaknesses in the stock registration routines to be addressed within the commercial team.
  • Provide shopkeepers with relevant availability information for active sales steering in the store to allow for a sustained perceived availability for our customers
  • Monitor the automatic ordering process and initiate actions in case of disruptions to the order flow that jeopardise availability for the customer.
  • Responsible for stock build up for replenishment solution changes, activities or in preparation for a peak sales period.
  • Control the basic logistics procedures, including stock movements and system transactions to ensure high quality asset information as input to the automatic ordering process.



  • Contributing to turnover by maximising service level 365 days per year, in line with the agreed goal setting; concentrating on minimising non-central shortage and supporting active sales steering, by providing shortage and overstock information to our shopkeepers.
  • Being an expert on Service Level in the store and supporting the awareness throughout the store how Service Level is impacted by different actions and how it should be sustained through every day routines.
  • Contributing to minimising the logistics costs in the store by identifying potential savings and working with sales& Supply manager to identify actions which will support the commercial team to improving stock and range structure (overstock, concrete, outgoing and activity range).
  • Working with manager to support turnover by enabling range vitality through support with the planning and follow up of the phasing out and in process.
  • Contributing to maximising the goods flow efficiency by monitoring that the operational forecasting in the store is in line with the order parameters and available sales space capacities/parameters. Work with manager to address any needs for adjustment with our shopkeeper
  • Producing necessary follow-ups for the commercial and management team regarding operational processes in the store, including phasing in and out, overstock and concrete, activities and non central shortages.



  • Through own behavior I support the creation of an environment where the IKEA culture is strong and where the diversity of our customers and co-workers is valued.
  • Create an environment of trust by encouraging open, constructive, honest two-way feedback with my colleagues.
  • Be available to help and support colleagues in own department.
  • Pass on my knowledge to colleagues and encourage them to do the same.
  • Keep my colleagues informed so that they can perform their roles effectively
  • Be responsible for own development and look to Sales&Supply manager for support in improving competences.
  • Using sales & supply support competence, actively support competence development of store commercial team and shopkeepers.



  • Be aware about department action plan and support the goals and targets given by manager which ensures the delivery of our action plan.
  • Understand the impact of my actions on the financial results of my area and know which results I have influence over.
  • Look for more effective ways of working to reduce costs.
  • Ensure all my actions contribute to sales growth and support the maintaining of long-term profitability.
  • Contribute to turn-over by securing the fulfilment of the customer promise

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