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Company Name : Dar Al-Shifa Hospital

Receptionist – Kuwait

Job Description

Reception staff need to serve the patient in Perform specified routine procedures such as greeting , directing patients, answering routine/administrative inquiries and billing process and providing a unique service and care 

  1. Greets patient & visitors, initiate registration process, and provides routine information about his / her working area when necessary.
  2. Handles phone enquiries from patients and others and communicating through emails.
  3. Reviews patients registration data for cash and insurance patients
  4. Counsels patients and families regarding financial issues such as insurance, eligibility for assistance and verifies insurance coverage with insurance companies.
  5. Records patient billing codes and obtains signatures forms.
  6. Responds as appropriate to enquiries from patients and coordinates the resolution of related problems.
  7. Notifying direct supervisor about the presence of distinguished people or from royal family to give special care in their visit.
  8. Give information and marketing of new services while interacting with patients.
  9. Clear explanation of invoices, OPD follow up and patient share for insurance cases.
  10. Handling of patient concerns and raise to direct supervisor for further actions.
  11. Review doctor’s schedule and clinic arrangement for accurately directing patients.
  12. Ensure daily closure of cash/credit invoices with main cashier and submitting insurance documents through DMS.
  13. Ensure all patient concerns are met and they are satisfied from the service rendered.
  14. Provide extra mile service to ensure high level patient satisfaction.
  15. Maintain high standard & quality performance to attract more customers.
  16. Maintain an attractive and charming personality. Considering clean and crisp uniform all the time as well personal hygiene. 
  17. Full knowledge of all information related to hospital services, so as to respond customer inquiries effectively and accurately.
  18. Should have the ability to self-control when dealing with customers and when they feel angry or irritated.
  19. Maintain the correct processes of billing related to cash cases and insurance cases as well to avoid any business loss.
  20. To be aware about policies and procedures as well professional implementing to enrich the patient experience
  21. Maintain customer service general guidelines as well sequences of service at the reception in his/ her daily routine.
  22. Maintain Customer Service Dept. guidelines as well agreed Memos related to the daily routine as well be able to professionally implement. 
  23. Ensures quality and patient safety practices are followed.
  24. Provides or promotes patient and family-centered care.
  25. Promotes inclusive health by providing equitable and accessible care to patients and families with special needs. 

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