Company Name : Metaverse Real Estate LLC

Real Estate Agent

Job Description

Job Responsibilities:

–      Advertise properties through a variety of marketing techniques.

–      Generate and manage lists of properties for sale

–      Source the market for upcoming projects and market the same.

–      Evaluate the clients’ desires and economic capabilities to discover the appropriate suggestions

–      Provide information regarding legal guidelines, rates, specifications and property availability

–      Mediate the dealings between sellers and buyers ensuring good conduct and the honest exchange of

information towards a beneficial understanding

–      Assist sellers in how to best promote the properties to attract advantageous offers

–      Appraise the value of properties by thoroughly researching the market or past purchases

–      Present properties to potential buyers and address questions or concerns

–      Draft and complete important legal documents (contracts, agreements etc.)

–      Manage all leads in a CRM system, set and complete tasks in the system, and track all client communications. Work at client events of the company and events of partner companies

All agents will be sponsored under company visa.

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