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Company Name : Oasis System

Project Specialist

Job Description

  • Train who is concern to perform designated tasks.
  • Identify and troubleshoot problems within specific projects properly.
  • Oversee and track milestones of project tasks.
  • Organize workshops to identify workflows.
  • Customize and set up the system to fulfill the client’s workflow requirements.
  • Provide support for the Related Stockholder.
  • Work in closely to related stockholder ensure client satisfaction.
  • Document client feedback. 
  • Gathering and measuring information on the workflow. 
  • Data collection. 
  • Prepare progress reports.
  • Submit daily reports.
  • Carry out the testing of a functionality workflow using various techniques.
  • Take clients’ acceptance.
  • Works directly with our internal and external clients to ensure effective project delivery. 
  • Executes activities of well-defined work packages under supervision of a manager. 
  • Provide leverage to Project Managers/Leaders. 
  • Create progress presentations for senior management.
  • Builds and maintains effective relationships with senior business partners and third parties.
  • Become a trusted advisor and help facilitate timely decision-making and trade-offs throughout all relevant stages.
  • Acts as the first line of assurance to mitigate risk. 
  • Ensure assumptions are validated to control the risk profile of the projects.
  • Works closely with project workstreams or as part of a broader program and regularly interfaces with internal management, including digital and technology.
  • Converts all requirements into tangible outputs.

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