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Company Name : CAF

Procurement Manager

Job Description

  • Manage, develop, and coach the procurement team.
  • Build and maintain relationship with local and international vendors.
  • Source new vendors and evaluate current vendor’s performance.
  • Responsible for contracts review, negotiate prices and check other terms and conditions.
  • Accountable for the whole procurement cycle (with respect to cost, quality, and delivery competitiveness).
  • Develop and implement strategies aligned with the ROF objectives.
  • Create and refine internal workflows and processes e.g. receiving request, placing orders, shipping and receiving items, system entries and etc.
  • Use analytical (stocks and sales) data to estimate the future demand of the brand.
  • Plan and create purchasing calendars by forecasting the requirements.
  • Identify the challenges and recommend alternative solutions.
  • Provide substantial reports to the Leadership team, lead and able to recommend best ways to cut procurement expenses.
  • Collaborate and work closely with warehouse team, logistics and operations team and other Departments.

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