Company Name : Confidential Company Doha

Planning Engineer – MMUP Grade "A"

Job Description

Main Responsibilities:The Planning Engineer is required to develop the most appropriate method and sequence of shut down and turnaround activities, in conjunction with the Project Manager, in order to ensure the project is completed timely, safely, and on budget.Responsibilities will include but not be limited to the following:• Schedules, plans and oversees the entire program of work.• Plans, organizes, and coordinates planning activities.• Selects the most appropriate techniques and logical sequence of activities to complete project scope.• Inputs the work breakdown structure information in means to assess an accurate forecast on time, resources and cash flow of the project.• Maintains and updates technical records, prepares technical reports, helps in generating data for inputs to budgets, improvement in maintenance methods/procedures, equipment replacement, etc. • Attended & knowledge to work on Shutdown maintenance, Preventive maintenance, Corrective maintenance. • Determines appropriate logistics solution in managing resources.• Sets up alerts for all important contractual and milestone dates.• Prepares cash flow, charts and histograms on planning projects.• Verifies critical path and interfaces between design/ engineering/ procurement / execution.• Monitors progress periodically and compares it with the baseline planning.• Updates the schedule based on inputs received from project team.• Prepares the monthly Progress reports.• Prepares the monthly Labor histograms.• Accumulates, collects and analyses data and information required for planning.

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