Company Name : Americana Group - Egypt

Planning Engineer

Job Description

·        Receive annual budget volume and explode it through BOMs to create yearly MRP and send it to the purchasing to calculate the yearly purchasing budget and to deal with the needed contracts.

·        Update yearly MRP as per the annual budget volume updates (every three months).

·        Create yearly production plan RCCP as per the annual budget volume, send to production to calculate manpower budget and other production costs (water – electricity, …etc)

·        Arrange with production issues like if we have a free or over capacity issues to highlight it to take the needed action like a new investment to absorb the extra volumes – increase overtime budget during the high season.

·        Receive confirmed forecast on monthly bases and export it to the system. 

·        Create, define, and maintain an optimum material plan based on sales forecast, open orders, and inventory status considering increasing annual inventory turns.

·        Create a monthly schedule-manufacturing plan based on sales forecast, open orders, and inventory status considering work centers capacity and product lead-time.

·        Lead S&OP meeting to discuss and outcome the plan for solving the popup works operations problems and market changes.

·        Follow up daily with purchasing and production departments to measure and ensure that there are no devotions.

·        Define and maintain items (materials, Semi-finished and finished products) planning policies, parameters, and economic quantities (lot size qty) for active items and get the updates from the concerned departments like the lead time and update system data accordingly.

·        Release manufacturing, and rework orders; follow up on material shortages and track order status.

·        Monitor work center load and order progress against routing. 

·        Accelerate order processing and decreasing customer order lead-time.

·        Create the export orders shipping calendar.

·        Decrease the pending stock.

·        Share positively in the company long-term plans and strategic decisions.

·        Build team capabilities through forwarding needs and objectives to key persons to help the entire team understand the timing required and individual input necessary to make the process run smoothly to avoid miscommunications which may generate costly delays and lost sales opportunities.

·        Manage the relationships between operation and commercials teams by improving and maintaining a high level of service.

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