Company Name : Union Square House Real Estate Brokers

Marketing Director

Job Description


  • Lead Generation
  • Establish company’s marketing department
  • Develop and implement a general marketing & branding plan for the company
  • Full knowledge of Digital publications marketing, online offline, radio and TV
  • Selecting and using appropriate marketing channels
  • Researching audiences, target population(s) and markets to identify market potentials.
  • Lead & manage events, copywriter, graphic designer and web developer. Design and approve all media collaterals
  • Develop and implement a general PR plan for the company and coordinate press releases and other PR items & communications for the Media
  • Selecting and placing advertisements and advertisement spaces in lieu of the company requirements.
  • Monitor media appearance & advertisements as and when required
  • Establishing & managing relationships with media channels, planning & placing communication through said media channels
  • Recommend management on best practices regarding marketing, media, PR, branding and advertisement
  • Analyze and track performance marketing performance metrics
  • Collaborate with internal and external clients and partners
  • Manage marketing budget and show project ROI.

Position Requirements

  • Knowledge of MS office suite
  • Knowledge of regions and target markets
  • Knowledge of Marketing tools & strategies
  • 10+ years of experience as Marketing Director
  • Experience in leading teams
  • Have run multiple social media campaigns.
  • Known Media Agencies in eastern Europe, UK and Far East

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