Company Name : Ahleia Electrical Company W.L.L.

Lighting Sales Engineer

Job Description

  • Manage product design feasibility and development, production standards, and quality control procedures for products.
  • Delegate jobs to necessary crew members and make sure that all rehearsals and performances run smoothly, efficiently, and trouble-free.
  • Perform multiple augments installing and adding new devices/servers along with adding configurations for video streaming using Unix and checking router configurations.
  • Perform automated tests using LabView on equipment and collecting data.
  • Assemble the lighting system before the show and take it down after the show.
  • Conduct regular maintenance to ensure the lighting equipment and system are in working condition.
  • Have a good understanding of the programming and operating manual, and the computer-controlled lighting systems.
  • Interpret the Lighting Designer’s plan.
  • Manage the lighting operation during productions.
  • Plan and set up lighting arrangements for live or recorded productions.
  • Plan where to run cables and place lights.
  • Programme lighting controls to meet the needs of the productions.

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