Java /Cocos Games Developer

Job Description

•More than 5 years of game-related experience, able to independently responsible for projects, experienced in chess and card game development is a priority.

• able to independently use the Cocos creator game engine to develop cross-platform games.

•Passionately master Cocos, among which Cocos creator has at least 3 years of research and development experience and has successfully launched projects.

•Familiar with TypeScript/JavaScript and other languages, have a good idea of ​​object-oriented programming;

According to the game planning, design scheme and technical requirements, complete the game function development.

•Based on the Cocos creator engine for mobile game development, for IOS, Android, H5 small game platform

Output high-quality games.

•Familiar with the use of FairyGUl, git and other tools.

•experienced in using android studio, xcode tools package.

•Familiar with game engine optimization work on rendering, memory, performance, etc. And have a deep understanding of the underlying implementation of the game.

•Familiar with DirectX and OpenGL programming interfaces, at least proficient in one.

•More mature game or rendering engines on the market, such as OGRE, Gamebryo, Unreal Engine and Cry Engine.


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