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Company Name : NOMAC

Instrument & Control Engineer, Shuaibah

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Job Description


  1. Assigns preventive and corrective maintenance jobs as per the direction of Section Head. Supervises and co-ordinates activities of maintenance staff. Maintains records, prepares reports and composes correspondence related to work.
  2. Executes work order through CMMS (SAP) and co-ordinates with planning engineer for job completion and technical matters.
  3. Maintain such communications and relations as are necessary to report on the status of matters requiring action and to ensure that corrective action is  undertaken.
  4. Helps Maintenance Manager in executing corrective and planned maintenance with due regard to annual scheduled maintenance plan.
  5. To perform technical evaluation of quotations received from purchase department and recommend appropriate choice
  6. To prepare purchase requisitions for spare parts and consumables ensuring budgetary constraints and arrange strategic spares availability to cope up with the maintenance requirements.
  7. Review and recommend new maintenance procedures and work instructions.
  8. Supervise, direct and co-ordinate the activities of all personnel assigned to his area.
  9. To carry out any other duty assigned to him by the management from time to time.
  10. Ensure Environmental Aspect-Impact and Hazard Risk Assessment are carried out, controlled and updated
  11. Implement, monitor and report IMS objectives, Targets and programs
  12. Provide necessary resources for effective implementation and sustenance of IMS
  13. Report IMS performance to the management periodically
  14. Ensure Legal compliance with respect to their scope of activities
  15. Ensure identification of root cause for the identified non conformances/ deviations and to implement corrective actions/Preventive actions
  16. Identify the competency gap for their subordinate personnel and implement necessary actions.
  17.  Carry out annual performance evaluation of reporting employees
  18.  Responsible to ensure the compliance to legal requirements, contractual and organizational requirements
  19. Provide on-the-job training to new employees and evaluate their OJT Performance.
  20.  Identification, documentation and control of hazards in assigned work area
  21. Ensure aspects identified are monitored and operational controls are followed
  22.  Report deviations in Integrated Management System, identify root cause and implement corrective and preventive actions
  23. Reporting of emergencies and incidents and near misses
  24. Effective resource utilization
  25. Perform other duties as assigned
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