Company Name : Rental Equipment Co, REC

Health And Safety Manager

Job Description

  • Directs the resources and activities of the Division to support the HS& E Policies and Procedures by providing advice and guidance to the Subsidiary Senior Management.
  • Continually maintain an appropriate level of awareness, knowledge and preparedness across the Division to create a culture that prioritizes effective HS&E and balances overall associated costs.
  • Review internal HS&E policies and procedures to ensure they are updated and operation related; conduct periodic hazard and risk assessments to avoid any near mess accident and   develop new risk assessments if needed.
  • Serve as the Division official within the field of HS&E when called upon to address regulatory authorities, compliance issues, third party HS&E consultants.
  • Responsible for the staffing and directing the Divisions HS&E Department, including the management of all Field Safety Managers and staff.
  • Responsible for the development of an annual budget recommendations and implementation for HS&E department.
  • Assist project / Factories team in investigation of all incidents (GL/WC/Recordable Incidents, Near Miss and First Aid) and ensure proper records are completed and submitted. 
  • Address specific reporting and record keeping requirements of OSHA, EPA, ISO, etc., as well as other pertinent safety/regulatory compliance matters and to ensure project sites are in compliance.
  • Oversight of Division’s HSE incentive programs and periodically reviews them to ensure they are accomplishing the desired results.
  • Conduct site visits/audits.
  • Participate/attend industry related conferences when requested to do so.

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