Company Name : ACTED

GIS Assistant

Job Description

REACH Yemen is seeking a GIS Assistant to provide support to the REACH Yemen team under the supervision of REACH Yemen Senior GIS Officer. The REACH GIS Assistant will play a crucial role in supporting Geographic Information Systems (GIS) activities within the organization. He/she will be responsible for assisting in the creation, analysis, and maintenance of spatial data. He/she will utilize GIS software, collecting and inputting data, producing maps, and collaborating with other departments to ensure accurate and up-to-date geospatial information. He/she will collaborate with the REACH partners to verify and share the research results, and collaborate and support Assessment Officers on data cleaning, processing, and analysis using GIS systems. He/she will manage a rapid production of static maps on targeted crisis and contribute to the effective management and dissemination of critical information.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Objective 1: GIS activities

1-Data Collection, Entry and Database Management:

.Collect and input spatial data into GIS databases from various sources such as GPS, satellite imagery, and surveys.

.Verify the accuracy and completeness of data through quality control procedures.

.Maintain and update the GIS databases to ensure data accuracy, integrity, consistency and completeness.

.Assist in organizing and cataloging spatial datasets for easy retrieval.


.Create maps and visualizations using GIS software, incorporating relevant spatial data.

.Assist in the production of maps for presentations, reports, and decision-making purposes.

.Creative in creating visually appealing and informative maps for internal and external stakeholders.

.Generating map products that effectively communicate complex spatial information.

.Develop map templates for manipulation and ease of map production.

3-Spatial Analysis:

.Processing raw spatial data into a format suitable for usage in various products such as dashboards, maps, and reports.

.Perform geoprocessing tasks to analyze relationships and patterns within spatial data.

.Conduct basic spatial analysis to extract meaningful insights from geospatial data.

.Assist in identifying patterns, trends, and relationships within spatial datasets.


.Document GIS processes, workflows, and data sources to ensure a transparent and reproducible work environment.

Objective 2: Technical Support/ Spatial Data Processing & Analysis

.Contribute towards the identification and implementation of effective and adaptive technical solutions for REACH’s partners.

.Provide technical support on spatial data management and spatial data processing and analysis to the REACH team. 

.Lead components of project methodologies involving spatial data.

.Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand GIS requirements for different projects and provide GIS support to other departments and teams within the organization.

Objective 3: External relations

.Respond to information requests from REACH and its partners.

.Maintain regular interactions and reporting with key IM partners including cluster lead agencies, UN agencies, NGOs and technical partners to support the development of joint spatial database tools and processes with REACH partners.

.Respond to information/mapping requests from REACH partners in Yemen.

Objective 4: Additional Responsibilities:

.Ensure the strictest confidentiality of data and processes.

.Take active measures to prevent unauthorized sharing of information and data.

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