Company Name : The Children's Museum

Fundraising Officer

Job Description

Job Purpose:

Responsible for implementing a diverse range of fundraising activities and projects, researching; recording, and applying grants, ensuring compliance with fundraising and grants strategy; policies, and procedures, identifying funding sources and analyzing specific research areas to provide information regarding external funding opportunities.

Duties and responsibilities

Strategic Role:

•      To oversee the implementation of the annual plan for the Fundraising Department to support the overall strategic objectives of the Museum.

•      To design and implement strategic development and fundraising projects, as and when required.

•      To assist in preparing and supervising the Development and Fundraising Department’s budgets.

•      To assist in implementing and maintaining applicable fundraising policies and procedures.

Fundraising and Development Role:

•      To identify fundraising platforms and build the project definition sheets accordingly.

•      To prepare a hit-list of potential partners in coordination and support of QRF.

•      To contact potential partners (from the hit-list) and schedule meetings.

•      To prepare proposals and other supporting documents.

•      To finalize agreement details with partners.

•      To manage current fundraising campaigns and develop a sustainable and diverse fundraising portfolio.

•      To conduct research and develop a comprehensive fundraising database that captures all relevant information.

•      To support in providing a sustainable income by maintaining relationships with current and potential partners.

•      To implement a diverse range of sustainable funding streams to support and expand the work of the Museum.

•      To prepare reports, presentations and proposals as needed.

Operational Role:

•      To research and identify grant opportunities based on the project definition sheet and the funding required by The Museum.

•      To collect all needed information and documents for the grant application form in coordination with concerned departments.

•      To submit applications and, if granted, coordinate with all concerned departments for reporting purposes (Including Education, Marcom, and M&E).

Team Management Role:

•      To work closely with, and supervise, the Development Officer.

•      To train and evaluate the ability of the Fundraising and Development Officer to execute the assigned tasks.

•      To perform other tasks related to the job assigned by the direct manager.


•      Bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing, social sciences, development or any related field.  

•      (4-7) Years of experience in a related field

•      Excellent command of English; spoken and written.

Native Arabic speaker with good writing and reporting skills

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