Company Name : Copenhagenkw


Job Description

– **Floral Arrangement:** Design and create various floral displays, bouquets, and arrangements.

– **Inventory Management:** Maintain stock levels, ensuring a variety of fresh flowers and plants are available.

– **Customer Assistance:** Assist customers in selecting appropriate floral products, providing guidance on suitable arrangements.

– **Quality Control:** Ensure the freshness and quality of all floral items, monitoring and maintaining flower conditions.

– **Delivery Handling:** Manage flower deliveries, ensuring timely and safe transportation of floral arrangements.

– **Consultations:** Provide floral design consultations for special events, understanding customer preferences.

– **Stay Updated:** Keep abreast of industry trends, new flower varieties, and design techniques.

– **Creativity:** Demonstrate strong creative skills in arranging flowers for different occasions.

– **Customer Service:** Provide excellent customer service, addressing inquiries and fulfilling customer requests.

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