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Company Name : World Class Associates

Electrolyser Construction Manager

Job Description

Role & Responsibility:

The Electrolyser Construction Manager is responsible for ensuring that the major EPF subcontractor delivers and executes the works in accordance with the EPF Subcontract, Company HSE policy and procedures, and in accordance with the project design documentation, schedule, quality standards as well as all national & international codes as specified in the contract. The role involves management, supervision monitoring and directing the overall EPF Subcontractor works on site regarding safety, progress, quality, cost and budget. Overall objective of the role is to act as company authority on the construction site and as the focal point for all construction related issues and queries, resolving site queries and/or escalating to home office for timely resolution. The Electrolyser Construction Manager will play an instrumental role in leading the EPF Subcontractor to establish a suitable facility in KSA for the fabrication of the Electrolyser Modules. The Electrolyser Construction Manager will play an integral role to the planning of the overall Project works as early as the Project Development Phase. This involves review of key deliverables and interface management across multi-functions and multi-Parties.

The Electrolyser Construction Manager maintains liaison and good relations between Client, EPF Subcontractor, AP home office, and other major Subcontractors’ impacted by the EPF Subcontractor Works. Apart from the overall above stated objectives, the primary function of the role is to strive towards Zero LTI’s and indeed safety incidents of any sort, to minimize the environmental impact of our activities, and eliminate potential short and long-term health threats. Air Products Internal Use Only Mobility: Initially, the Electrolyser Construction Manager will be based in UK with business travel to Germany, Vietnam and KSA. Circa Jan 2023, the Electrolyser Construction Manager is expected to be resident in Vietnam for a period of 6 months. Following which, the role will move to KSA to oversee the fabrication activities. Reporting: This role reports directly to the Electrolyser Project Manager, for progress, risks, threats and opportunities, compliance, as well as creating and maintaining safety records.

Experience: Ideally the candidate will have the following:

· Significant experience in managing large, multi-million dollar EPC or EPF construction or fabrication sites with workforces of 1,000 plus personnel.

· A minimum of 15yrs experience in construction management

· A BSc in construction management or other similarly suitable qualification ie; Civil/Mechanical or E&I disciplines, or equivalent proven experience in a construction management/supervisory role

· Experience with modularisation from the design phase through to mechanical completion.

· Good knowledge of construction management tools and techniques

· Good experience working as the or Client representative

· Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English. Other languages also an advantage

· Experience managing and controlling changes due to design, site conditions or other within a controlled and fully managed methodology

· Experience in oversight and implementation of permit to work systems typical of large multi[1]discipline construction projects

· Experience working on remote, camp-based sites

· Experience in the oversight of personnel qualifications for critical activities such as lifting, working at height, confined spaces, excavations, traffic management, etc. Specific Tasks:

• Promote safety-in-design, ensure the Company HSE policies, procedures and guidelines are prominent and enforced across the fabrication yard.

• Lead the front-end planning and ensure that the EPF Subcontractor’s Fabrication plan is aligned with the overall Project plan.

• Ensure the implementation of the EPF Subcontractor’s Local Module Plan to establish a suitable facility in KSA for the fabrication of the Electrolyser Modules.

• Chair and or participate in design, constructability and safety reviews associated with the EPF Subcontractor package or interfacing Project areas.

• Manage and lead the delivery and execution of the EPF Subcontractor’s fabrication works and respective interfacing activities

• Participate in, and provide support towards planning and execution of site commissioning activities

• Chair meetings with respective internal and external Parties

• Issue written instructions to EPF Subcontractor

 • Participate in inspection and testing activities, review and comment Inspection Reports.

• Review and comment on EPF Subcontractor’s documents and key interfacing information to ensure compliance and expectations are met

• Proactively manage changes arising from the EPF Subcontractor and ensure that the interfacing Parties are fully appraised and consulted prior to implementing the change.

• Participate in the review of changes arising from the Site or other interfacing Parties which may have a material impact to the EPF Subcontractor.

• Ensure the site and environment is protected from any damage related to fabrication activities

• Lead HSE incident investigations when necessary and ensure follow-up reports are issued in a timely manner

• Conduct daily safety walks and enter observations in the HSE logbook, monitor craft supervisors in their obligation to enter daily observations in the HSE logbook (min. 2 a week)

• Participate in HSE Audits and or review HSE audit reports of the fabrication facilities

• Manage timely preparation of final documentation related with the fabrication activities.

• Provide support to the Overall Project, as require



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Wordpress backlinks generator
Free public records and people finder tool
Free People Finder Tool
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