Company Name : Confidential Company Mecca


Job Description

We are looking for a highly organized and detail-oriented Dispatcher to join our team in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. As a Dispatcher, you will be responsible for coordinating the movement of goods and vehicles, ensuring timely delivery and efficient operations. This role requires excellent communication skills, strong problem-solving abilities, and the ability to work well under pressure.


  • Receive and process customer orders, ensuring accuracy and completeness.
  • Coordinate and schedule deliveries and pickups based on customer requests and driver availability.
  • Plan Delivery Routes to optimize efficiency and timely deliveries.
  • Dispatch drivers to complete deliveries according to the established routes.
  • Coordinate with drivers to ensure on-time delivery and address any unforeseen issues.
  • Communicate with drivers to provide instructions, updates, and route information.
  • Monitor the progress of deliveries and promptly address any issues or delays that arise.
  • Record shipment details and track delivery statuses for accurate documentation.
  • Review driver logs to ensure compliance with regulations and company policies.
  • Respond to client feedback or complaints, taking necessary actions for resolution.
  • Update and maintain accurate records of delivery schedules, driver details, and customer information.
  • Resolve customer complaints or concerns related to delivery services.
  • Collaborate with other departments to ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction.
  • Prepare and distribute daily reports on delivery activities and performance.
  • Ensure compliance with company policies and procedures, as well as relevant regulations.
  • Continuously seek opportunities to improve processes and enhance customer experience.

Preferred Candidate:

  1. Prior experience in a similar role, preferably in the transportation or logistics industry
  2. Excellent communication skills in Arabic and English, both written and verbal
  3. Strong problem-solving and decision-making abilities
  4. Ability to work well under pressure and prioritize tasks effectively
  5. Attention to detail and accuracy in data entry and record-keeping
  6. Proficient in using computer systems and software for scheduling and tracking
  7. Knowledge of Mecca’s roads and traffic patterns is a plus
  8. Ability to multitask and handle multiple priorities simultaneously
  9. Flexibility to work in shifts, including evenings, weekends, and holidays
  10. Positive attitude and a strong commitment to providing excellent customer service
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