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Company Name : Specialized Industrial Services Co. LTD (SISCO)


Job Description


Our requirement, Strong Contract Advisor & Administrator with vest knowledge and experience in overseeing and administrating of construction and Maintenance direct and subcontracts. He shall be expert and capable to:

  • Understand Saudi Aramco contractual scope, terms, conditions and obligations.
  • Analyze all potential risks and highlight to management for consideration and direction. 
  • Well familiar and experience in preparing contractual correspondence.
  • Prepare, lead and attending disputes meetings and issues.  
  • Overseeing and ensure contractually the contract execution, terms, conditions, obligation and other requirement.
  • Review contract scoop and providing summaries and details about contracts scope, obligations, requirement, deliverables, deadlines and ensure all in charge personals aware of it. 
  • Prepare, review and ensure legality of all subcontracts, purchase orders terms and conditions. 
  • Disposing, process, and follow up of any additional work goes unclaimed.
  • Tracking deadlines and payments.
  • Ensuring that all parties involved in the contract comply with contract, specifications, terms, conditions, legal regulations, and government requirements.
  • Follow up, control and maintaining files for every contract, including payment schedules, correspondence, clarifications, deviations/ change orders, clams and amendments.
  • Negotiating conditions, terms, claims and change orders of all contract as required.
  • Coordinating meetings with subcontractors’ contractors.
  • Act as a liaison between external and internal parties during the processes of developing and negotiation contracts.
  • Aid in conflict resolution.

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