Billing Analyst

  • Operations/Management
  • Egypt

Job Description :

Create invoices to bill for the company’s services or products
Work with finance, sales, and operations to ensure that orders have been fulfilled before invoicing and review the invoices to ensure that clients are billed accurately.
Answer both internal and external questions regarding invoicing and work with clients to make sure that the billing is set up correctly for them
Prepare reports and present them to decision-makers
Report and resolve payment issues as well as disputing payment issues with clients and customers.

Job Requirements :

Must have strong attention to detail a mastery of spreadsheets and be able to communicate technical financial information to non-financial decision-makers.
Part of the job involves communicating with clients or customers in order to facilitate the flow of payments so high customer service and problem-solving skills is critical.
A bachelor’s degree in Accounting/Finance and related experience in handling invoices, payments, and accounts is required.
Working knowledge of financial analysis best practices
Advanced competency in Microsoft Excel
Strong Analytical skills
Presentation skills
Proficiency in business math
Ability to multitask

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