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Company Name : World Food Program - Other locations

Beirut – Retail Associate (Marker Analysis & Field Coordination) G7

Job Description

Job Purpose:

To optimize the Retail Food E-card programme by providing insights into the market and implementing market development activities to improve access, price, quality, and service to WFP beneficiaries.  

Key Responsibilities (not all-inclusive, nor exhaustive):

Under the direct supervision of the Head of Retail, the Retail Associate (Marker Analysis & Field Coordination) will be responsible for managing the following activities:  

Conduct market analysis to optimize retail network and Food E-card Programme

  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and guidance for conducting a gap analysis for the retail network based on Programme Targeting results, ensuring sufficient coverage of retailers across Lebanon to serve beneficiaries; review regularly to enhance the process.
  • Plan and coordinate all Shop Assessment exercises with relevant stakeholders.
  • Coordinate with the Field Offices (FOs) the selection recommendations of new retailers.
  • Produce monthly reports and market analyses to understand how market trends could affect WFP retail operations
  • Escalate any issues or risks to management and propose mitigating factors as needed
  • Work closely with programme team to ensure any adjustment to food e-cards programme can be implemented (scale-up, moving beneficiaries to another region, etc.)

Implement Market Development Activities to improve access, price, quality, and service

  • Work on initiatives to improve the purchasing power of beneficiaries
  • Set up and reviewing the SOPs and guidelines for mandatory range prices, price index calculation and evaluation & escalation.
  • Create a price index and mandatory range of prices for retailers to abide by to ensure beneficiaries have access to the cheapest prices
  • Follow up with FOs on the implementation of any follow up activity in accordance with developed mandatory range and price index SOPs
  • Implement the Action Plan and Capacity Development Activities for Retailers
  • Develop SOPs and guidance for retailers’ development activity; review regularly to enhance the process.
  • Coordinate with the relevant units the regular evaluation of retail network
  • Place retailers who are not meeting WFP standards on Action Plans to improve their performance
  • Monitor and follow up on the implementation to measure the progress of the retailers under action plan.
  • Coordinate with FOs to ensure timely delivery of training to retailers
  • Report the outcome of Action Plans along with the recommendations to the head of unit and relevant stakeholders.
  • Develop new training packages for retailers to improve their performance 
  • Conduct Supply Chain Mapping and optimize suppliers for WFP contracted retailers
  • Map the Supply Chain of key commodities and their main suppliers
  • Implement preferred suppliers programme to increase purchasing power for WFP retailers that can be passed onto beneficiaries
  • Link retailers to preferred suppliers

Act as main focal point with Retail Associates in the field to coordinate their work

  • Coordinate with Field Offices to plan their weekly tasks, split amongst day-to-day work and special projects
  • Coordinate the implementation of any initiatives or new project with relevant stakeholders (VAM, FOs, Retail CO, etc.)
  • Consolidate information from various field offices to report on progress of initiatives (ex. Action Plan, Capacity Building, Pilot projects, etc.)


  • Perform other duties as required  

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