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Company Name : Al-Sayer Group

Assistant Officer, Vehicle Delivery

Job Description

Job Summary :

Attend and deliver error-free vehicles to customers with a complete explanation of features, and documentation and give away promotional gifts thereby ensuring the highest level of customer 



1. Daily inspection of completed Retail PDI units and arrange fixing of number plates before customer arrival. 

2. Report Errors/Rejections to Supervisor, Vehicle Delivery. Follow up with PDI and Recheck after correction.

3. Fill the Joint inspection Sheet/Hand over Sheet from PDI to Delivery Center for each completed unit. 

4. Confirm with Data Entry that number plates have been fitted and the vehicle is ready for delivery.

5. Ensure all the units are parked and organized in proper lines in the Delivery Center at all times and before closing.

6. Inform the customer (through telephone calls) on the vehicle delivery status and schedule (Day, Timings, Contact Staff etc).

7. Explain to the customer vehicle features, navigation, entertainment center, cruise control, steering wheel controls, USB, Bluetooth, and additional accessories.

8. Issue and activate T-connect package for customers.

9. Confirm that the customer has understood all the vehicle features and benefits, maintenance, and warranty conditions.

10. Ensure the number plate, chassis and documents all match during the delivery process.

11. Immediately report any problems or dissatisfaction from the customer to CR Representative/PDI/ Supervisor, Vehicle Delivery.

12. Maintain company Dress code and discipline.

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