Company Name : Tetratech Jordan

Water Policies & agricultural Land Use Planning Specialist

Job Description

based in Amman with frequent visits to WEC field activities

Under the supervision of the Governance & Water Demand Director, to whom he/she will report, the Water Policy & Land Use Planning Specialist will have the following responsibilities:

Leads activities to support GoJ with the design of policy and regulatory incentives and improvements in agricultural land use planning implementation. Provides technical support to strengthen GoJ long-term capacity to measure the effectiveness of policy and regulatory tools on water use. Facilitates inter-ministerial collaboration to improve water conservation and agricultural land use planning including regular meetings with all stakeholders to develop and maintain positive working relations. Supports linking agricultural land use planning with farming and water resources. Supervises the design and implementation of the Water Accounting System which WEC is developing with its partners. Ensures compliance, monitoring and enforcement systems for agricultural land use permits with safeguards to balance water conservation and development objectives. Performs other tasks as appropriate and as determined by the Governance and Water Demand Director (G&WD Director).

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