Company Name : Napkin Affair General Trading Co


Job Description

  • Your role will involve effectively communicating with kitchen staff to ensure timely and accurate preparation of dishes, and then delivering these dishes to tables while adhering to presentation standards.
  • Adhering diligently to hygiene and safety standards, you’ll handle food and beverages with utmost care, process payments accurately, and ensure the complete satisfaction of every guest.
  • Ensuring the prompt clearing and arrangement of tables for new patrons, you’ll uphold a neat and orderly dining space throughout your working hours.
  • Responding to patron questions and distinct preferences, you’ll showcase your comprehensive menu expertise by offering knowledgeable suggestions as part of your service.
  • Demonstrating a dedicated commitment to teamwork, you’ll readily lend a hand to your team members when the situation calls for it, actively nurturing a collaborative work ethos.
  • Handling guest inquiries and specific requests adeptly, you’ll demonstrate your mastery of the menu, readily furnishing educated recommendations to elevate their dining satisfaction.
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