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Company Name :Omni International

VP Sales (Transportation Group Company) in Riyadh, KSA

• Develop/ensure implementation of sales strategy/objectives while achieving revenue and profit targets
• Understand & translate strategy to commercial initiatives & update management
• Cascade annual revenue target to sales category team and monitors the performance.
• Ensure effective sales planning to set road map for successful sales year in alignment with strategy.
• Focus on revenue targets and how to achieve targets.
• Steer team to maintain Sales Opportunity Pipeline with ample prospects and leads to achieve the target.
• Monitor development and updates of Revenue Plan cascaded from Total Annual Revenue target.
• Monitor sales team and check revenue of current sales opportunity pipeline
• Prioritize investments in enabling technologies in support of sales organization productivity
• Work closely with Group Chief Information Officer (GCIO) to ensure technology initiatives are implemented
• Recommend changes and enhancements to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology platform.
• Collaborate with Marketing, Operations & Maintenance, Planning and Performance, Finance, IT, Supply Chain
• Design mechanism for category supervisor to attain on going prospect or customers feedback
• Support product & BD manager in development and launching of new product/service
• Actively participate in the service development committee.
• Attend service development committee to evaluate new product viability, feasibility and marketability.
• Maintain communication with customers to stay updated on new trends and products needed / demand.
• Ensure alignment with Client’s strategic marketing plans, initiatives and expectations.
• Consistently, provide feedback to marketing department to improve marketing materials.
• Provide continuous feedback to marketing on product/service performance to improve add additional features.
• Establish sales commission plans for the sales team to motivate them to sell.
• Align with HR department to review sales incentive programs
• Lead learning and development initiatives
• Partner with HR’s Learning and Development function, to establish learning and development objectives
• Oversees delivery of training and development programs, actively assesses ROI.
• Develop annual budget by assessing existing sales organization support investments
• Ensure selling process is followed by the sales team at all stages; preparation, connecting and customer need analysis, proposal-solution preparation, objection handling and closing.
• Use marketing research to plan revenue target and prospect reach and segment. (Key Account, Industrial, Construction, Energy, Government, retail, Gas stations, etc.)
• Ensure that the difference between current demand and transport services offerings is understood by Client’s Sales team and are ready and informed when connecting the Prospects and Leads.
• Monitor fleet utilization with Planning & Operations team to assess delivery success rate, delivery schedule, etc
• Pre-approve proposed models based on customer needs analysis
• Approve prices, special rates and credit limits as per the DoA.
• Ensure contract signing as per DoA.
• Approve or reject bid for special projects based on the evaluation provided by sales team.
• Presents recommendation to Client President in case of strategic tenders/RFPs for final decision.
• Ensure sales team’s lead in Bid Management Committee (BMC) to support response to tenders/RFPs
• Review draft response/proposal to tenders /RFPs are compiled/presented by Bid Management Committee (BMC).
• Approve final proposal before attaining approvals from Client President and in some cases from GCEO.
• Ensure support customer experience strategy and plans to achieve higher level of customer satisfaction index
• Manage and monitor customer loyalty and retention as per marketing policy to minimize customer churn.
• Support marketing department in designing incentive scheme aligned with sales commission
• Monitor activities of Sales Back Office and ensure team support to category supervisors
• Steer category supervisors for cross-selling of products/product line
• Conduct preference test to measure market acceptance and present finalized service to the customer.
• Assist Product & BD manager in conducting the PoC (Proof of Concept) testing methodology.
• Manage validation of expected revenues, designing promotional, sales material and training material for sales
• Meet customer top management
• Direct team to modify invoices and documents in alignment with credit manager
• Recommend yearly objectives and KPIs to Client president for approval.
• Ensure Sales Dashboard developed by business analyst in coordination with regional performance coordinators.

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Wordpress backlinks generator
Free public records and people finder tool
Cities and States latitudes and longitudes
Creative shipping and logistics solution in Egypt
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