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Company Name : Al Kuhaimi Metal Industries Ltd.

Treasury Supervisor

Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities :

• Export LCs: Controlling all operations related to export LC, i.e. receiving, reviewing, advising, amendments, submittals of documents and closing. Bill of exchange operations, documents reviewing as per L/C terms, status report preparation, payment follow-up with the banks.

• Import LCs: Controlling all operations related to import LC, ie. LC application, checking, amendments, insurance, bill of exchange preparation, documents drawal. Keeping an update track sheet of all imports LC and make sure all LC’s are renewed on time and valid and do necessary amendments if needed. Follow-up with the banks.

• Letter of guarantees: Controlling all operations related to bank guarantees ie. LG application, amendments, advising and follow-up issuance of LG and/or cancellation.

• LC Refinancing Loan, loan letter preparation and its settlement once banking facilities is workable.

• Banking facilities support.

⦁ All reports to trade (LCs, LGs and Loans).


 Bachelor Degree / Banking & Finance or equivalent with ACCA/CPA Certification.


 5 years’ experience in handling banking transactions, function in accounts department preferably in a contracting company/ financial services sector.

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