Treasury Accountant (Contracting Exp.)

Accounting / Finance
  • Accounting / Finance
  • Egypt

Job Description :

Responsible for banking transactions such as cashing or depositing cash and checks in the company’s bank accounts.Responsible for any banking transactions such as transfers, checkbooks, signature validity and authentication of balances, letters of guarantee, account statements…etc.Responsible for the company’s treasury and cash disbursement in accordance with the instructions and the exchange request fulfilling all necessary signatures and issuing exchange receipts.Responsible for disbursing salaries to employees according to the payroll statement sent by the chief accountant.Responsible for disbursing aid, advances, and rents in accordance with approved documents.Preparing the daily movement of receipts and payments in a statement approved by the head of accounts, attached with all documents supporting income and expenses.Responsible for keeping all documents related to receipts and payments in files in an orderly manner.Preparing a daily movement summary and presenting it to the head of the financial sector and any reports requested.Responsible for following up the collection checks with the banks.

Job Requirements :

Excellent in using MS officeERP System experience preferredData analysis skillFocus on detailsAccuracy and work doneTime managementProfessional knowledge of accounting principlesEfficiency and effectiveness in accounting systems

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